Saturday, December 17, 2011

Recent Ramblings

 So I keep feeling like saying stuff and posting it on facebook, so I thought I'd share some here
 "The definition of success is doing whatever you want and what you believe is right, not making lots of money and getting a good career or having any sort of fame."
"Adults: They're at that age where they think they know everything, but they totally don't, and their children best them at every step, but they don't have the guts to admit that younger people can have more experience than them at certain things and of course be way smarter just because they are all high and mighty because of stupid things like they are older. :) They're so cute at that age."
"Why would you ask the question is there more to life? You can do anything you want in this life, be anything you want to be, this is it, this is life, why would you be looking for anything else, this is infinity, you have an endless amount of options, why would you question if there's an afterlife, this is life, if you wonder if there's anything more you're just wasting your life. Live for the NOW. Wanting more out of life than EVERYTHING seems pretty selfish. Just make the choice to do what you want to get what you want out of life."
"Of course you're a feminist. It's believing in equal rights, it has nothing at all to do whit thinking women are better, you don't have to be a woman, you don't have to go out there and protest and riot all the time, you do have to believe in men's rights just like women's. Of course men can be just as feminist as women. You COULD NOT possibly call yourself a feminist if you are sexist against men in any way, just like you couldn't call yourself a feminist if you are sexist against women. Yes, it's a sexist term, technically they should call it equalism, but the only reason they call it feminism is because throughout history women have needed their rights highered to reach men's, more than men have needed their rights highered. THE ONLY reason you could say you aren't a feminist is if you don't care either way, or you specifically identify with either sexism against men or sexism against women. Of course men can be riot grrrls just like women. There was a guy in the main riot grrrl band Bikini Kill."
"Everyone should know grunge wasn't about hating yourself and being depressed, and the biggest misconception of grunge is that it is some sort of angst-ridden complaint rock, everyone in the scene always laughs at that, and the movie Hype! is about that, that would be emo, that's the opposite, anyone who thinks it's supposed to make you miserable or supposed to sound depressing is clearly a poser and ignorant of the subject. I love how laidback and down to earth the muscians were and how they didn't take themselves seriously, and how they would just laugh about the stupid labels, that's more proof, if they were "depressed" they would get angry instead of make jokes about it."
"Ha, I never understood the whole people calling it angst-ridden complaint rock thing, like I listen to it because it makes me happy, and I didn't know anyone else had ever heard of it when I found out about it in the mid-2000s because no one is talking about it anymore and I was the only kid in school who had ever heard of grunge, and no body tells kids anything, but I remember as I was finding out who Kurt was, it was like he was exactly like me, and I'm used to being called different or feeling different my whole life, so funny there is someone out there who seems like my clone, let alone is like me at all, but the coolest part about Kurt was that as I went through watching tons of Nirvana interviews, all I could think of was "god, this guy is so nice" because he just seemed very nice and genuine, like man, I hope I end up with someone like that, and whenever he would talk about someone he would say stuff like "Yeah they were very nice, I liked them a lot" and he was always standing up for women and gay people, and he would ALWYAYS talk about passion, and always mention names of his favorite bands saying how this was good valid music, and I even stopped writing in my own journals because everything I'd ever wanted to say was written in his. And all his sayings, like I was always saying stuff like I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not, and wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are, when my whole life I was saying stuff like you are supposed to like what you like BECAUSE it's what you like, and everyone around me was saying, no you're supposed to like what's new and popular, so the music is what made me fall in love with the bands, but the interviews are what made me fall in love with the people in the bands, and especially Kurt."
"There should totally be people on late night shows talking about how fake, shallow, phony, stale, empty, glossy, and gross it's been for the past 13 years. I KNOW there are other kids like me who hate our generation and realize how fake and shallow it all is. I want my people's voice out there! It seems like everyone hates the bad pop and other music in the mainstream, it's only popular because people know it's popular, no one really likes it. It's like they give you garbage and then they come back later and ask the kids what they like and all they know is garbage, so they give them more garbage, so the whole thing starts all over again. All the bad new poppers of today are just rip offs of the bad poppers of '98-'02. It's never-ending garbage."
"Wow, ok, so I always hated fame and would think that t would suck being the voice of your generation because that's so much pressure and inconvenience and I'd hate the glory and power because i always thought people who liked that stuff were shallow etc., but for some reason when I saw that recent episode of The Simpsons where they look 30 years in the future and Maggie forms a band and there is a poster with her onstage playing that says Maggie Simpson: The voice of her generation, it gave me a warm feeling, like of hope, or I look up to that or something, funny enough I always considered Lisa to be like me or someone I look up to, yeah yeah they're cartoon characters whatever, like maybe my voice does matter, maybe what I have to say should be said, maybe I can do it, maybe I should just go for it, I mean not that that'll ever happen or that I'd be so self-involved as to say hey everybody look at me I'm the voice of my generation, or that I'd even really like it, but I don't know, it just got me thinking how we really need someone speaking up and how I have a lot of things I want to say, and how I'd love to lead some sort of revolution even though I always thought no one ever payed attention to me and I liked it that way, because we desperately need a revolution and I know what I want and I don't want this (the stuff that's been around for a while)."

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