Monday, April 16, 2012

Grunge Pick-Up Lines

Haha, so I thought this was a fun little activity and made a thread on grungeforum of grunge related pick up lines. Here are some...

"Hey, wanna do something that will make us have to shower this month too?"
"I've got a love bone in my pocket that is ready to rock"
"I wanna overdrive my superfuzz in your bigmuff"
"Hows about me you and some friends form an 8-way Santa"
"How about you take your drum stick and bang me baby"
"Is that a syringe in your pocket or are you happy to see me?"
"Is your name ALICE? Cause I could definitely see you IN CHAINS!"
"What say we jump in the backseat and make this a gruntruck?"
"I'd love to get a taste of YOUR Mudhoney"
"Wanna taste my Pearl Jam?"
" Turnaround so I can Dive into that Moist Vagina. "
"I want to get into your Temple of the Dong"
" I can't wait to Release my next Pearl Jam mix in you and give you some Nirvana"
"Hey baby, why don't you take this burden in my hand into the superunknown"
" Why don't you put your HEAD DOWN on this BURDEN IN MY HAND?"
" Cum on down to the river" (pointing to crotch)
" Baby don't call me a Negative Creep, but it would be cool if you Blew me."
" I'm about to Spank Thru Molly's Lips."
" Get on the trouser snake"
"You don't need a Love Battery, you can just Fopp with me"
"I'm going to fuck you in the back of a van."
 "How about we lay down some flannel, take off our Doc Martens and Draw Flies while making some Mudhoney"
"Wanna knock Dirty Boots?"
"Why don't we Make Sweet Love Rock and you Malfuckme"
"Want a little Machine Action with some Crazy Love?"
 "If we were vampires I'd take a coffin break with you"
 "Rape me."
"Hey baby, I wanna get to know your heart-shaped box, and then throw down my umbilical noose"
 "Fancy waking up to heaven beside you tomorrow morning? Get your coat"
 "This is what you could have won"
"Hey, babe. You got it, so let's go back to my place and you can gaze at my mother love bone. and.i can slip you the hot beef injection."
"Baby, I'll be your Alice so put me in chains. Just come as you are and feel free to put your rooster in my hole"
 "I Wanna Reach Down and give you my Stone Temple Pilot because I just know Mother Loves the Bone"
 "Come to where the flavor is, come to Debbie (or insert name here) country"
"I wanna get in those wack slacks"
"Hey baby, wanna swing on the flippity flop with me? I've heard I'm quite a dish, and then we can go back to my tour van."
"It's Mad Season in my pants"
"Suck My Kiss"
 "I'm sure your mother would love to bone."
"Can I throw you on my silverchair? I promise I'll give you Flaming Lips."
"I want to pearljam in your Hole!"
"Hey baby, if you don't have a Bush on your Sound Garden, I'd be happy to do you in the MudHoney."
"I'm so horny that's ok my will is good."
"Why Go Home baby, when we could sit on my Porch and act like Animals?"
"Hey baby, how's about you get on the snake and we'll have some big dumb sex"
(For guys) "How about you leave that loser for a *hair flip* BETTER MAN"
"I'll OUTSHINE any other lover you've had"
"Can I put my SHAME IN YOU?"
(For chicks) "Wanna bruise my violet?"
"Why don't you Get on the Snake, because it's Heavier Than Heaven, and we can Fopp for a while"
"I'd like to help your Screaming Life by making some Loud Love with you"
"I'm Full On Kevin's Mom."
"Smell The Magic as I inject you with my Fluid"
"I'm Packin' A Rod, so how about I Shove my Skin Yard in your Hallowed Ground and give you a Wargasm?"
"Daddy doesn't Hate Box, so mind if I Dive into your Bush?"
"Swallow My Pride"
"Hey girl, tonight Imma make your Pearl, Jam."

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  1. Helot929:54 PM

    I remember hearing a funny one Sir-Mix-A-Lot rapped on his collaboration with Mudhoney: "I wanna put you in the mud, honey" hahaha


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