Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grunge veterans bashing this generation/a new revolution soon?

So I was on a grunge forum thread a while ago about how Chris Cornell said in an interview that "Contemporary pop couldn't be worse"  
and one of my friends there was talking about how funny it is that these grunge bands are coming back AGAIN and reviving good music AGAIN, and I started to think about it, and she's sort of right. 

I actually always wanted them to come back and talk about how our generation sucks, and I even go to the lengths of well when on the Alice in Chains forums they said that Duff Mckagan and Sean Kinney are having their own radio show, and to email the with questions, I sent in an email asking them to talk about how bad my generation is and the music of today because I'm so tired of no one talking about how so much of it sucks and NOT EVERYONE listens to bieber and subscribes to the emo/pop/glossy rap/reality shows/social media/vampires/synthesizers/autotune/skinny jeans/shallow 2000s, as well as commenting the same type of thing on a comment Gavin Rossdale (or at least he said he was Gavin) left on the music video for Swallow by Bush, saying the veterans who already have fame could do a lot if they mention how tons of kids feel alienated by Generation Y, and it's pretty empty today and whatnot, so I guess I got my wish because not only did Chris Cornell say that up there, but Dave Grohl said in an interview that the scene of today is basically like it was in the 80s before Nevermind came out (which is what I've been saying for years) and we need a new rock revolution  
and I keep hearing that Billy Corgan always says stuff like that as well, and here's the kicker, maybe a week ago, I saw this story of Patty Schemel talking about how while she was touring as she was promoting her new film, she saw all these young 20-somethings that were loving grunge, and she said a quote I love that the reason why is “Maybe it’s a backlash to what’s going on with pop music today—everything is so packaged and slick. Something dirty needs to show up,”, and the article was titled "Grunge Comes Back With a Vengeance"
so perhaps it actually is time for grunge to come back, I mean I know that bieber kid is not as popular as he was before, and heck, even One Direction I feel no one is really talking about anymore when they were supposed to be the next big thing, and it feels like it's another time for pop to go down, just like it did in 2002, 2003 after Backstreet Boys, N'sync, and Britney Spears started to lose popularity.

My friend on that one thread mentioned how sad it is that the older rockers have to do this again when it's OUR generation that should be doing this, and my thoughts are that there ARE tons of kids our age doing just that, heck my page for newer grunge bands   
now has well over 300 bands on it, and I hear people talking about starting a revolution all the time and how fake and shallow our generation is and how we need to get rid of it and really start rocking, it's just that they aren't getting famous, and perhaps that has to do with the internet generation, like it feels like a revolution can happen, it's just with the internet exposing tons and tons of mediocrity, the really good stuff might take a while to circulate, but in the meantime I can definitely say I'm glad the older folks are standing up for us little guys, and if you guys could do that more please, that would be greatly appreciated!


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  2. Great read. I really enjoyed it. You're doing an amazing job and I have the utmost respect for you.
    There's so much I hate about the World we live in right now, I wish I could be a teenager of the 80's and could be a part of the people who had witnessed the grunge movement in Seattle.

  3. Thank you! Yeah my thoughts exactly.


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