Friday, December 21, 2012

Alice in Chains in This is 40/stupid stereotypes

Hmm, this is bittersweet. I saw that the Everybody Loves Our Town facebook page posted this link to the blog that mentions that Alice in Chains and Niki Minaj were mentioned in the movie This is 40. Now as I was reading the dialogue, I kept thinking, "YES!!! Someone in this day and age actually gets it!!" here's the dialogue...

Pete and Debbie walk in mid-argument. Sadie is listening to a song on her iPhone.
DEBBIE Sadie. Sadie, what are you listening to? Okay, this is music that makes people happy. And this is what people buy. Right, girls?
She puts Sadie’s iPod in a dock and plays the Nikki Minaj rap “Roman’s Revenge.” They all start rapping along to it. They all laugh and dance and go crazy. Pete turns the iPod off.
DEBBIE Why did you take it off?
PETE Now, something that really rocks.
Pete puts on “Rooster” by Alice In Chains.
This is called good music. From somebody’s heart.
SADIE This is bumming me out. This isn’t fun.
PETE Just listen to these words, okay?
CHARLOTTE I don’t understand the words.
PETE This is lyrics, this is poetry. This is what is going to survive in a hundred years.
DEBBIE It just doesn’t make people happy.
PETE It makes me happy. I can dance to it.
Pete starts dancing around like it is fun.
DEBBIE You’re the only one in the room who’s happy.
Pete stops his music.
PETE Sometimes, I wish just one of you had a dick.
CHARLOTTE Well, we don’t want one."
...But then I read the second to the last line. "Sometimes, I wish just one of you had a dick." Yeah because clearly you have to have a dick in order to realize that Niki Minaj sucks, Alice in Chains rocks and is from the heart and is poetry and can make you happy and is fun and danceable and is going to last forever, and it's better to have that than to be shallow. *rolls eyes*. That's just upholding the stupid stereotype that women are shallow or have to be shallow. Then I went back to the beginning and realized they placed this stereotype in the whole sequence. The way to get rid of bad pop is to uphold the position that little girls DO NOT have to like that crap, NOT to reinforce it. They could have easily done that, but oh no, they just heard that's what the stereotype was and decided to run with it, like everyone else. NOT EVERY FEMALE OR LITTLE GIRL LIKES THAT CRAP! (and I only say crap because I don't like it. I don't give a crap if there are people out there that actually do like it, so no offense). I'm living proof of that, as I never liked it, and I've even always been a girly girl. My little girl cousins are also living proof of that as all of them constantly make fun of people like Justin Bieber even more than I do. In fact, I know of maybe 3 people that actually like that stuff. Let's not reinforce false stereotypes that only prove to make the world worse by keeping stupid garbage in the mainstream for longer than it's meant to be there, shall we? I feel like we're back in the 50s again, but the kitchen (well there are still those stupid sandwich jokes) is replaced by bad pop music. 

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