Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Polen

The Polen are a grunge/hard rock band from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. Playing since about 2000, their 10 song second album, Tandem, starts off with the heavy, energetic, catchy song "Warmachines". You'll be having the urge to headbang pretty quick. Then comes "Citizen & Welcome", which has this kind of melodic riff that I love, and turns into another rocking song that makes you want to move. I love the various guitar stuff here, and the drums add to the "get up and mosh" vibe. "Shout" follows the exciting rock path, with another type of hard rocker. This album certainly isn't boring. Most of the songs have that overall type of vibe, but mind you they aren't all the same song. There are different guitar riffs and patterns and instrumentation, some more tame and flowy elements as well, all leaving for an interesting album. "Midas" is a bit slower and has a bit of a Tool vibe. "Reasons" starts off with a softer element. Overall I'd say this is an album any hard rock fan would be happy with, and a band you should definitely check out.

                                                         Here are some video clips


The album cover

The band

Where they are from.

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