Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nero's Rome

I always thought Nero's Rome would be at the top of my Bands You Should Have Heard Of and Been Famous But Didn't list, along with Paw, Dig, Dandelion, Greta, and Sugartooth, which I think I already posted a song of each on another post, so here's a post about Nero's Rome. They are a FANTASTIC psychedelic alternative Grunge band from Portland from the 80s and 90s that came out with their only album Togetherly in like 1995 and then broke up in like 1996 due to label trouble. I think they have a few demos too. I have the CD of their album and it's SOOOOO good, you HAVE to know about them. They have some sounds all floaty and other sounds all heavy and moshing. The whole album was on youtube, but it got taken down, but some tracks are up, and they have a music video, and some live stuff, so I'll post all the stuff I can find. The singer James Angell also has some solo stuff. I bought their album off of amazon, and I think you can hear it on grooveshark. I heard they were a europop band that sounded similar to INXS before they became a grunge band.

We Play Girlfriends

Pulling In Low

Open Secret


  1. Anonymous12:43 PM

    You are factually incorrect. Togetherly was their third record. Their first was "Labor", second was "Nero's Rome".

  2. Oh cool, do you have any info on all that? I have since discovered their self-titled, but have never heard of "Labor".

  3. Nycolle Fernandes just posted one of their albums in my facebook group, Grunge Then & Now. I hadnt heard of them & found this post researching them. You are very much welcome to come & join the group. Members include famous musicians. everyone is just a serious fan of MODERN, and classic grunge music.


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