Sunday, August 12, 2012

All we HAVE is the internet!

So I've been thinking a lot recently. it's really sad how because we have the internet now people think that we don't need stuff like MTV or word of mouth, or that they think everything is on the internet WHICH IS SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH! Us kids today aren't lucky that we have the internet, we HAVE to like and use the internet because THAT'S ALL WE HAVE!!! It's like the kid that has a stick to play with, but it cherishes it because it has nothing else. Apparently MTV would bring the music to you, and frankly I WOULD LOVE THAT!!!, but with the internet you have to know what you are looking for before you type it into the search bar to look for it, and for some reason people think that because we have the internet, we can just do away with all the old school ways of doing things. As someone once said "We didn't need the internet back then because it was just that much of a better world to live in."

What we REALLY should be doing is using the internet as a tool to our advantage by using it side by side with the older ways, and adding MORE word of mouth, and MORE channels like how MTV used to be with 24hrs of music videos plus music related shows, and record/CD stores and music clubs and thrift stores, so that someone can have a WAY easier time of hearing about something first, and then go and look it up and favorite on youtube and watch it whenever we like. I think it has to do with the older people enabling this horrid generation because it's the "technological" age and apparently that is so special, and they all want to be "hip" like the kids of today. WELL YOU'RE NOT HELPING BY NOT SHOWING THE KIDS THE WAY THINGS USED TO BE AND THE BANDS PEOPLE USED TO LISTEN TO! After all, the only word of mouth I ever saw was kids talking about the people that were already as famous as they can get. No one ever mentioned anyone underground or that wasn't already in the spotlight.

I mean for goodness sake, I've looked at a phone book maybe 3 times in my life, so when it came time to look for jobs, all I did was a ton of internet searching, because that's all people told me to do, and then it took watching a Nirvana interview with Kurt talking about how you can look up record stores in your phone book to see if your local record stores carry indie albums or fanzines, to make me think of looking at phone book, which resulted in many places I did not find on the internet, as did just driving around, since mainly the big chains have websites so the small stores you won't be able to find easily on the internet. This also begs the question, I wonder how many kids looked something up on the internet but if they had looked at an actual encyclopedia or what have you they would have gotten a better answer or something closer to their tastes they were looking for, but they did't because all people say today is "Google it"?

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