Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kurt's death making people stop playing music: I get it, but we really should have done the opposite

Since a little while after discovering Kurt's death, I started hearing things about how nobody wanted to play music anymore, and I think Thurston Moore said this as well, that them and all the rest of the bands just didn't feel right about playing music because it was like their leader had died. I guess this is why a lot of bands broke up. I get it, I mean I would probably do the same thing. I can't imagine continuing on with music  after the guy that helped make all of us famous and was one of us and was saying everything we were saying and was the reason all of us had jobs right now dies, but somebody somewhere should have said "No, you know what, this just means that we should have MORE good musicians today, and make sure this style of music never goes away, now that the big guy is dead. We should do it for the children, to preserve good music and grunge and alternative rock for generations to come, because now that Kurt is dead, it would be easy for this stuff to go away and music to become bad once again." I know that sounds like it would take someone looking into the future to say that, but hey, it is what happened and somebody along the way should have predicted it in time to stop it. The phrase "Won't Somebody PLEASE think of the children" comes to mind.

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