Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Humorous Grunge

Ok, so for some reason I love it when people make fun of the stereotypes of grunge. I found out about this show called Almost Live! that was a local Seattle sketch show from 1984-1999, (people of note that came from there are Bill Nye the Science guy, his show started as a sketch on there and he acted in several other roles there, Joel Mchale from Community and the Soup, and I guess that Ross Shafer guy went on to do other things as well) and it really showed how laidback and make fun of yourself Seattle was, which I love, and there is one guy on youtube named george buford that has over 1,000 clips of this show on his channel, and they are really funny, and I love how the Seattle rockers pop in every once in a while, like they aren't to big to appear in a local show even though they were the biggest musicians at the time, but George decided to disable embedding on his videos, so I'll post a few from other people, plus other funny laidback let your hair down vibe funny grunge clips.

The Lame List - Almost Live!
Yes, that's Kim Thayil of Soundgarden along with other Seattle rockers in my favorite reoccurring skit from Almost Live!.

Rock Star Fantasy Camp - Almost Live!
With Dave Grohl, Mike McCready, and Kim Thayil

Pearl Jam - Animal

Sinatra doing Pearl Jam

Grungy slacker dude

The Grungies - The Ben Stiller Show

Grunge Christmas singers

And who could forget that cool Lollapalooza episode of the Simpsons where they had on Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth.

Eugene Merman's "memories" of grunge

For more go to the youtube channel GeorgeBuford and check out a better version of Rock Star Fantasy camp, plus all the Lame Lists , How the Grunge Stole Xmas (different than the one I posted of the grunge singers), Headbanger Hair Shampoo, How to Be a Video Store Clerk, Me! A Visit From Dave Grohl, In Style Now, Signing a Band  The Worst Girlfriend Joins the Band,  Sing Along With Nirvana, A Few Moments With (Andy Rooney in a Dark Alley), Suburban Rebels, What's Up? (which has a cameo from Tad), Courtney Love - Public Service Announcement, and others that have grunge guys or are about it.

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