Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Styles and Vibes

Ok, so even though I hate shallowness and people actually caring how they look, I love the anti-fashion grunge/alternative/90s styles. Stuff like flannel shirts, general loose fitting over-sized clothing, band shirts, old worn out high-waisted kind of baggy ripped up jeans, shorts with long johns, doc martens and other boots, converse, knitted stocking caps, backwards caps, guys with long messy dirty hair and goatees, tattoos, piercings, crazy colored alternative hair, cool 90s grunge dresses with the little flowers all over them, patchwork dresses, other alternative dresses, and other indie bohemian cool 90s clothes that seem really unique and individual just have this total laidback, let your hair down, down to earth, don't care what other people think, real, raw vibe to them, and I love it. The whole point was to not care how you look, but it ended up looking cool anyway. Of course you don't have to wear any of that stuff, but personally, I think everyone should have that style, not just grunge rockers. It just makes life seem more real, and less materialistic, if you wear thrift store clothing and hold on to your worn out clothes for just a bit longer. I also like those cool sunglasses that I keep seeing in the 90s everywhere that Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley would wear. I also remember seeing those short shirts and knee socks. And I love the kinderwhore/riot grrrl style too, like I mentioned before, I found out about that by watching the Bruise Violet video by Babes in Toyland. Stuff like babydoll dresses, smeared red lipstick, ripped up black tights, messy hair with little girl clips all over, big black boots or mary-jane's, I guess a lot of riot grrrls would wear it, and I always thought it looked cool, and it really seemed to convey that thing that us females feel when we are in our teens and 20s and sometimes want guys to look at us in that way, and other times don't and feel creeped out by it, and just wish we could go back to being 5 again when life wasn't so complicated. Now that I've re-discovered the 90's, I've flashed back at actually remembering this stuff, I remember the laid-back down to earth vibe of the 90's, and I thought life would always be like that and had always been like that, and then it started changing around '98-'00, and at first I thought it was just a glitch and life would go back to normal, but in 2000 it was bigger than ever, everything all glossy and people actually caring how they look, so I realized this decade was going to suck, but I assumed it would have changed back by now, so I'm still waiting. I remember every movie I saw when I was little that came out in the mid 90s, there was a teenage girl in a flannel shirt, and I thought of them as the cool girls, and I wanted to look like that, and I remember a few times, seeing a guy with long hair and a flannel shirt and looking up at them and thinking that looked so amazing, and wanting to look like that, and wondering why no one else looked that way, because it would have been more towards the late 90s, and those are my most precious memories, for some reason, they made my life at that time, and now as I remember them. I remember all sorts of cool alternative and maybe goth looks, like Marilyn Manson, and this one time when I saw a punk couple, and I loved it, and I liked the big neon green hair spikes, but I hated how it was only in the middle, for some reason mohawks always bugged me. And I saw lots of piercings and tattoos in the 90s, and I always loved that stuff, I loved it when I was 5, and when I was 6 in '98, I saw even more stuff like that, and there was this commercial with this alternative girl, and she had piercings, and I couldn't take it anymore, I officially said I would get lots of piercings and tattoos when I got older, and I will, but I'm still waiting. So like I mentioned before, When I saw Kool Thing by Sonic Youth, I thought Kim Gordon had mad style, and their other videos have cool styles too. Sugar Kane actually has the Marc Jacobs grunge line from either '92 or '93.

Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane

Sonic Youth - 100%

Sonic Youth - Dirty Boots

And I once found this picture, so thanks to whoever is in it, I love this style/vibe. I don't know if this was in the 90s or not though.

 Babes in Toyland at Lollapalooza 1993. You can see the sunglasses here too. I love the 90s Lollapalooza crowds, I feel like I saw an interview on youtube of Perry Farrell at Lolla '91 talking about the alternative nation, and they spanned the crowd, and all I could think was, wow these are my kind of people.

Speaking of Jane's Addiction, I always loved the styles in the Stop video, especially the crazy colored hair women by the pool, and Mountain Song is probably the most alternativey video ever

 Local H - Cynic. And I love Scott's clothes here, great song and band by the way

 Dig - I'll Stay High. And this one just vibes of that too. Way too many good bands that didn't get enough attention.

I love the 90s-tattoos and piercings

Veruca Salt - Seether. I always loved Veruca Salt's dresses in this video.

Days of the New - Touch Peel and Stand. And this one just totally vibes. I love that dirty guy sitting in the chair.

Alice in Chains - Man in the Box. And I love Alice in Chains' clothes and Layne's hair in this vid

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit. But most importantly, the Smells Like Teen Spirit video is the main one for the vibe/look of grunge. I always loved how they had dirt-like smoke floating around to give it that orange-brown-yellow grunge look.

Kurt Cobain's crazy colored kool aid hair

Jane's Addiction Stop video woman with purple colored hair, the woman to her left I think has red colored hair

Eddie has my second favorite flannel, right after one that Kurt had, and I love his tattered shorts in this video as well.


  1. brenna holland10:34 PM

    You should totally get some of eddie vedders looks from pearl jam and post them. He was another awesome grunge guy, and yes I am totally a grunge girl,lol. I also love days of the new and seven mary three, alice in chains, nirvana,sound garden, collective soul, bush... I could go on foreverrrr

  2. Oh yeah, I guess I could post more pics of the other grungers grunge styles. I know right, just so many bands

  3. Anonymous8:16 AM

    the photo the girls in that picture dressed like grunge was taken last year celebrating the death of kurt cobain

  4. Oh really? I totally would have guessed '92 or '93.

  5. Hi, I'm julia and I'm glad you're keeping grunge alive. I also have a grunge blog (mostly fashion grunge). I love grunge and kurt cobain.


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