Thursday, August 25, 2011

Newer Grunge Bands

Ok, so I hate social media, reality shows, skinny and low rise jeans (so 80s), vampires, and all the other fads/clothes/music of today, and I hate that I have to use the internet and social media because my generation doesn't know any other way, but it does help find stuff. I mainly just use it for music. Facebook is where I found out that Calamity Jane, the band that toured with Nirvana in South America  back in '92 with bad results and broke up shortly thereafter, got back together.!/pages/Calamity-Jane/148181179299  and I found the Doll Squad, another all girl band from Seattle, on myspace, they're back together too.   All the music people call alternative today, just sounds like what little mainstream rock there is, and they all sound like weird synthesizery emo 80's synthpop stuff, I don't know why the 80s came back, the whole point of the 90s was to get rid of the 80s, and the new bands on SubPop sound like very light indie pop bands with that weird 2000s sound.  I've found several new grunge bands on myspace and things like that. Of course, grunge never stopped or died, it just went back to being underground like it was for a decade before Nevermind came out, kind of where it should be, except that it was so cool that good music was actually played on the radio and in the mainstream in the 90s, so you have new grunge bands forming all throughout the years when it stopped being famous as well, so no one can call them New Grunge bands or anything because grunge never stopped. So the two main newer more mainstream bands I like today are Cage the Elephant,  who sound like they totally could fit in with the 90s alternative thing, and Violent Soho, from Australia, who sound very grungy, and they were even at Lollapalooza 2010, the one that Soundgarden went to . When I discovered Violent Soho last year, I looked at their youtube videos, and people kept writing stuff like "GRUNGE IS BACK!!!", and they still do. They would be great ones to bring it all back.

Violent Soho - Muscle Junkie

Cage the Elephant - Back Against the Wall. This one always reminded me of Heart-Shaped box. The singer sort of reminds me of Kurt, especially in their video with the zombie girl, and when I first heard their music, I thought it sounded a bit like nirvana.

Pet Salad - Hollywoodland
My favorite new band though is Pet Salad. I found them on myspace.  They are a Swedish grunge band formed in '07 with an ep out. I also found out about this girl led grunge band from Portland called Sick Sick Sister.!/2882731 So good to hear girl grunge again. And then there's The Chocolate!/thechocolatemusic grunge from France. Sick Sick Sister and The Chocolate are on itunes.     Paradox is an Irish grunge band. They remind me of that Days of the New style.  also on itunes  Pissed Jeans are like the only current band on Subpop that I've found that sound rock related. They are really good, sound like grunge, sound like the Jesus Lizard.
Pissed Jeans - False Jesii Part 2

Another band is called Mosquito, from Istanbul I think!/group.php?gid=43519246740   Trash Queen are from Australia like Silverchair and Violent Soho Drunken Hippies make noise from Berlin!/pages/Drunken-Hippies/107296139343675  There was also this band I found called The Vertical, which had a Paradox/Days of the New vibe I think, but I totally can't remember how I found out about them. Soul Pollution sound pretty good too  I have more facebooks and myspaces in my bookmarks of old grunge bands and others that I might post one day. So as you can see, grunge is still happening, all over the world., and never stopped, and never will. It's just a matter of if and when it takes over the world again.

EDIT: Check the comments for more suggestions of new grunge bands, and feel free to add your own suggestions.And I just created this new facebook page called "Spread the word of good newer grunge bands" incase you want to check it out.    there are a lot more bands that have been posted on that.


  1. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I'm a little surprised Dead Confederate didn't make your list! They're one of the best new alternative/grunge bands in years. Their latest album Sugar was produced by John Agnello (The Hold Steady, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth) and J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. makes a guest appearance on "Run From The Gun". An absolutely amazing band!

  2. I haven't heard of Dead Confederates. Thanks for the name. I'll check them out. I'm still learning, so any info is welcome.

  3. Anonymous2:34 PM

    You may also like Bodisartha, you can download their new album (for free) on their website. They're not quite as polished as Pet Salad and Violent Soho (awesome recommendations by the way) but definitely worth checking out.

  4. Anonymous2:40 PM

    You should also check out Ume if you like girl rockers, she's the sh*t in my humble opinion.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Cool stuff.

  6. Also check out these artists:

    Baby Guts
    California X

    (Maybe) Ty Segall Band - Slaughterhouse

  7. And (maybe) these ones:

    Joy Formidable (there is something of the Breeders lurking around....)

    Yuck (with some Dinosaur Jr. references)

    Fucked Up - Couple Tracks (Hardcore band but still...)

    The Men - Leave Home (although their sound is more of the noisy part)

    Burning Brides

    Blacklisted - No one deserves to be here more than me (a hardcore band with grungy elemenents)

    Nine Black Alps - Everything is

  8. Oh yeah I have heard of some of those bands as they have been posted on the page I link in the edit. I'll have to check out he ones I haven't heard. Thanks.

  9. Anonymous5:51 AM

    You should check out belgian/german grunge band

    youll love it

  10. I have heard of Pandora's Bliss :)

  11. Anonymous5:39 PM

    You should listen to this power-trio from Madrid...they have just released their firts Lp this year

    1. Yeah that one's pretty good!

  12. Look out for Cage the Elephant's new album "Melophobia" that comes out on Oct. 8!

  13. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Hey Kristin,

    My name is Dina Amin and I work for the Melbourne-based promotion & production company, Obsessive Music.

    I've got some industrial rock/grunge music I would like to send you for a possible review/upload.

    Do you have an email I can contact?


    1. Sure, you can email me at

  14. Anonymous5:14 PM

    LOSER, from Madrid...

  15. Anonymous7:49 AM

    As a Nirvana fan then you must know who Steve Albini is. You should really check this out! Any and all mention of this documentary would be great!


  17. check out my Facebook group, Grunge Then & Now, where I do much the same as you have here. I listen to alot of new music & post my favorites. For now, see BUZZ RECORDS, Toronto, has a vibrant scene, called "Grunge Punk", or "Junk Punk" as well. Mexican Slang, Dilly Dally, Metz, The Beverleys, HSY are some standout Toronto Grunge bands.

  18. Please check us out. We are Uncle Einar, we hope that you like our stuff.
    EP "Get Thee to Nod-

    Live Vid-

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  19. Hey Kristin! You may like our song "Watch Me Die", it addresses suicide and fits right in with your Grunge vibe! Peace, Mike

  20. I've started making grunge music and found this cool guitar for my projects
    What about u guys , can u share smth with me?


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